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Our aromatic Beard oil Consists a blend of fresh Cedarwood, Musk Amber, Tobacco and various Carrier & Therapeutic grade essential oils. Hand crafted with all natural and 100% organic ingredients. Our oils are easy to work with and will leave your beard and mustache full, soft, and healthy. Our unique blend is specially formulated for your beard and the skin underneath to reduce itchy and flaky skin, promote thicker and faster hair growth, tame flyaway hairs, and repair split ends. Our oils will leave your beard looking and feeling healthier and manlier. Do yourself a favor and try this ONCE..!!

Package -: 1* Beard oil 30 ml & 1* Dropper.

How to use -: Wash and dry your Beard. Add 4-6 drops of beard oil in the palms of your hands and gently massage the oil upwards into your beard and skin from your jawline to your cheeks. Brush and style as usual. For best results apply 2-3 times daily.

Ingredients -: Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond oil, Vitamin E, Aloe-Vera, Fragrance.

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