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Menganic Beer Soap | Handmade Natural & Organic | Paraben and Sulphate free Soap – 105 GM

Everyone knows the benefits of beer; the taste on a hot day, the courage it gives us to speak our minds, how it makes us all equally attractive. Using beer instead of water, beer soap offers a light scent with all natural ingredients. And surprisingly enough, the beer in beer soap has some added health benefits. Whether you’re looking for something that moisturizes, fights acne, or repairs hair, beer soap provides all these benefits. Beer soap is simply of one of the many hygiene products that has an artisan touch that can only be rivaled with other artisan natural soaps. It provides a healthy and natural brew that provides a light & inviting scent without being too Stinky or Awful. For the men out there who use soap in place of regular shampoo, you’re lucky. Beer soap lathers well and is a healthy alternative for your hair. The B vitamins repair and restore the look of hair. The amino acids help coat and repair your hair while repairing your skin. More minerals in beer soap help add shine and moisture to the newly repaired hair. It is made with all natural ingredients, beer soap is known to create a frothy lather that allows moisturizing the skin.

  • It is Perfect for all Skin types – Dry, Oily or Sweaty Skin
  • Helps balancing oil levels in skin and hair.
  • Repairs hair frizziness & Roughness.
  • Fights Acne, Splotchy & Irritated Skin.
  • Ingredients – Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Glycerine, Vitamin E Oil, Beer fragrance & Soap Base.


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