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MENGANIC Organic Hemp Seed Oil Shampoo – 200 ML.

Menganic Organic Hemp Seed Oil shampoo is the most natural way to keep your hair clean and your scalp healthy without stripping away natural oils.. This unique shampoo is made from hemp seed oil and a blend of other ingredients. Perfect for all hair types, Menganic Organic Hemp Seed Oil Shampoo enhances the health and natural look of your hair and is gentle enough for daily use.

Castor Oil – It contains ricinoleic acid that improves blood circulation at the scalp, ensuring better nutrition for the hair follicles. This acid also helps balance the pH of the scalp.

Hemp Seed Oil – Hemp oil will prevent water loss and inject moisture into the hair and scalp and is easily absorbed. It can maintain hair’s natural texture and makes the scalp livelier to better support the hair due to the presence of  Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids, which are necessary in stimulating growth.

Sandalwood Oil – It has Anti-inflammatory properties that are effective in reducing inflammation in the scalp, stimulate hair growth, promotes long luscious locks and Fullness to hair.

Lemon Grass Oil –  Lemongrass is also known to strengthen your hair follicles and helps in retaining hair instead of excessive shedding and other hair damage.

Tea Tree Oil – Its multiple properties fight bacteria as well as helping unclog pores on the scalp, which means tea tree oil can work to clear and strengthen the skin on the scalp helping to prevent infections or conditions such as dandruff.

Package -: 1* Shampoo Bottle 200 ML.

How To Use – 

Apply to wet hair. Leave for 2-5 Minutes to allow for deep penetration and full absorption of essential oils and extracts. Rinse Thoroughly.

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